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Acem Meditation is a simple technique for relaxation, more energy, health and personal growth - based on modern psychology and scientific research. Read overview.

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The Power of the Wandering Mind - new book - what does science say?

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The Power of the Wandering Mind – Nondirective Meditation in Science and Philosophy

Edited by Halvor Eifring

Nondirective Meditation is not about emptying the mind. Instead, mind wandering is seen as an important resource. Silently repeating a meditation sound helps to cultivate a free mental attitude. The activity in the brain’s default mode network increases, enriching the flow of spontaneous thought.

Mind wandering brings rest and recuperation, helps us consolidate our memory of the past, and stimulates our planning toward future goals. It enhances creativity and makes it easier to shift perspective. It is a central feature of empathy and social relations.

In fifteen chapters, experts in neuroscience, medicine, psychology, philosophy and the humanities share groundbreaking perspectives on how nondirective meditation interacts with brain and body, mind and culture.


Communication course 25 May - 2 June 2019

This course is a rare opportunity to explore your personality and the way you interact with others in an open and reflective atmosphere. The training is suitable both for first-timers and people with previous experience from Acem's communication courses.

Saturday 25 May 2019 - Halvorsbøle Int. Retreat Centre, Oslo

New research shows improved stress management with Acem Meditation

Better sleep, fewer worries, less nervousness and less bodily pain are among the results of the regular practice of Acem Meditation. The study was performed over several years in six different workplaces. A Norwegian team consisting of a medical doctor and two psychologists, all experienced in their fields, published the results recently in a Nordic psychology journal. Read more on The Meditation Blog.

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“Acem Meditation has helped me to sleep better, after years of insomnia“. Mercedes Ozuna, Metropolitan Transport Authority, New York City

New book on Acem Meditation

The classic introduction to Acem Meditation, now in English. An easy to read account of the technique, results and the context of Acem Meditation. Read more HERE.