Major French media are recommending Acem Meditation

“Tested and approved”: The Paris newspaper Le Figaro encourages its readers to learn Acem Meditation. And the international, France-based women's magazine Marie Claire states in its English version that with Acem Meditation there is "an improvement in our introspective sensitivity, our empathy and our perception of ourselves. This results in a better sleep and a more just management of our emotions".

Le Figaro is one of the two French newspapers of record, along with Le Monde. The women's section of Le Figaro is now displaying 10 "tested and approved" new year's resolutions. The common denominator is: "Take care of yourself, listen to your desires and feel more Zen, more fit, better in your body ...". Acem Meditation, described as "Scandinavian Meditation", is the second in the listing. The newspaper states that Acem Meditation is "Nothing mystical or sacred: its purpose is to reduce the state of stress through a deep relaxation on the repetition of a sound", and that it mixes "meditation techniques with psychology and neuroscience". The whole article lies here.

Marie Claire states that “La méditation à la norvégienne” is becoming popular because the method is easy to learn. The author emphasizes the uncontrolled aspect: Here you play on the mind’s own rhythm and are not interrupted by instructors or apps. “With Acem, ... the purpose here is not the search for worship but simply a better apprehension of everyday life, its relationship to others and life in general.” The whole article in French is here and on the magazine's English website here

Readers are referred to the French Acem web site for more information.