Webinar: Intuitive perception in Acem Meditation

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- and how to sell newspapers to strangers on the phone  

If you have ever tried to influence another person, you may have experienced this:  

Intuitive perception in Acem Meditation


Saturday 13 February 2021
15:00 - 16:00


Just as important as the words you use is your tonality, timing, and even your attitude, mood and sense of certainty. The verbal part of our communication is only part of the picture, but we tend to give it most of our attention. 

Much in the same way, the content of our thoughts in meditation often take center stage. We ponder whether they are “deep”, “shallow”, “boring” or “interesting”. But there is a lot going on in our spontaneous activity that cannot so easily be put into words. And it is all too easy to forget and ignore these non-verbal aspects.

In this webinar, instructor Jonas H. Meyer asks whether there is a link between how a salesperson might nudge and spark interest for a product and how we can open up for more of our spontaneous activity in meditation. 


The course is arranged by Acem International School of Meditation


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Jonas Meyer

Writer and musician. Teacher in secondary school. Acem Meditation instructor.