Student scholarship

Young students participating in weeklong courses at Acem's retreat centres may apply.

Full-time students intending to participate in an Acem weeklong meditation retreat or communication course may apply for a student scholarship. The scholarship will be offered as a discount (EUR 125-250) deducted from the regular course fee or student course fee as applicable. Applicants must have completed the beginner’s course in Acem Meditation and participated in at least one of the following activities: the first follow-up course M1, the second follow-up course M2, a weekend retreat (or a longer retreat). They should be 30 years of age or younger.
The student scholarship may only be received once and is applicable only to retreats and courses at Acem’s retreat centres. It may not be combined with other discounts (except student course fee).
Applications by e-mail to Acem (info.acem @, including documentation of age, student ID (scanned or sent by ordinary mail to Acem), details of previous Acem courses, and recommendation from a local instructor or initiator (if applicable).
Deadline: 20 April every year for summer retreats, one month ahead of the course for other courses