Who does not wish for a break from the stressful routines and incessant demands of modern life – a bit of silence? What might this silence consist of?

Thoughts are part of it

The natural resting state of the mind is not emptiness, but a tendency to wander – between episodes and impressions from the near and distant past, spontaneous reflections, daydreams and snippets of wishful thinking. The most rejuvenating kind of silence accommodates this flow of thoughts, feelings and impressions.

In daily life, most of us hardly even notice this stream of consciousness - it simply passes by in the background. This activity functions as a mental digestion process – during the day, in dreams at night, and even more effectively when you meditate. Experiences and impulses that have not found their place in the mind are worked through. The mind needs time for recreation and reflection in order to function well under stress.

What produces peace of mind?

Acceptance is a central element in Acem Meditation, with well-documented effects on stress management and health. We learn to repeat a meditation sound with a free mental attitude. We repeat it gently and without effort, and allow thoughts and impressions to circulate freely, be they pleasant, neutral or unwelcome. This improves our mental digestion, gradually releasing stress and tension. Meditating in this way enables us to achieve an inner balance even amid turmoil.

Tranquil moments