More energy

Children at play. Their joyful inventiveness and vitality seems boundless. Where do they get all this energy? Perhaps it is not only because they are young, but because they are allowed to play freely and spontaneously, without any specific goals, direction or purpose - and to rest whenever they feel the need.

Energy amidst the deadlines

Is it possible to tap into the same energy-stimulating processes in adult life? Surely we can not become children again. There are assignments to complete and deadlines to meet. And someone has to take care of these energetic children too. What we need as adults is a more systematic method to relax and regain our energy that is consistent with our adult schedules and obligations.

Letting things come and go

When we practice Acem Meditation, we give our minds a ‘break’ in which our thoughts and impressions are allowed to wander spontaneously wherever they wish. We let things come and go – we practice letting them be. This reenergizes both the mind and body. The aching stress in our heads and shoulders gradually disappears.

Source of inner strength

Acem Meditation is mental recreation. We get more in touch with a source of inner strength which we can tap into when we engage with the outside world. Allowing our minds to be childlike and undisciplined in Acem Meditation enables us to regain the energy we need for the adult tasks ahead.

Inner strength