Moderator training

For almost five decades, hundreds of volunteers have spent some of their spare time working for Acem. Together they have built an international organization aimed at developing methods for personal growth.

Moderator training is the gateway to participation in this work. The basic training consists of a weekend seminar that covers the contents of the First follow-up course M1  in Acem Meditation and principles of group dynamics. After the seminar, trainees practice what they  have learned by acting as teaching assistants at an M1 course. In the following semester, they attend another weekend seminar in which they share and discuss their experiences.

Moderators usually organize M1 groups twice a year and do what they can to help participants in their meditation process. They assume a share of practical tasks, and contribute according to their abilities and interests. After completing the training programme, they become part of an international group of Acem moderators.

Working for Acem is rewarding. It may help participants acquire new skills, give them insight into the psychology of meditation, and stimulate their reflective process.

There is much to learn: meditation, group dynamics, organization, administration, writing, speaking in public. During its almost 50 years of existence, Acem has developed expertise in many fields. Through feedback and discussion, participants learn to use themselves more fully and to see others better.

The experience gained often proves useful in many contexts in life. In the end, however, the greatest reward lies in being able to contribute to an organization aimed at helping others.

Moderator training is complete in and of itself, but may also function as the first step towards further training to become an assistant instructor in Acem.