Acem Meditation and relationships

When we’re together with partner, friends and kids, we want to share what’s important and be close and playful. With colleagues, boss and fellow students, we want to be constructive and productive. Stress often comes in the way, making us more impatient and irritable. It may be difficult to see others when things get a bit rocky.

Renewal and energy

Acem Meditation helps. It gives deep, satisfying relaxation every time. Afterwards, you feel renewed and have more energy to those around you.

Flexibility and adaptation

Acem Meditation improves mental flexibility. It trains your free mental attitude. With increased inner freedom you can better adapt to situations outside meditation – whether it is dealing with your boss, partner, colleagues, or a kid who wants to play crocodile under the table.

Seeing your side of the coin

It is not always easy to see what goes on in a relationship. Who is to blame for a quarrel? What happens when you misunderstand each other? Over time Acem Meditation helps you see your side of the coin better. With closed eyes, you encounter your thoughts, memories and feelings with a little more free mental attitude. Patterns in your daily life become visible. It becomes easier to try out those small adjustments that make being with others even more rewarding.