Acem Meditation and creativity


When you practice Acem Meditation, thoughts come and go more freely. It´s a process that stimulates spontaneity. Ideas, memories, feelings and impressions that were hidden behind tiredness, stress and lack of stimulus become more evident.

To have increased access to the mind’s creative potential benefits everybody,even though few of us are artists. Getting closer to one’s sources of creativity allows a more spontaneous and adaptable daily life.

Mind wandering

It is like sitting by a campfire looking into the flames. In the beginning, your thoughts are tied to tasks and challenges you deal with in everyday life. After a while, you discover that your mind has wandered, bringing back memories of events or persons you haven’t thought of for a long time.

Or you sit by the sea, watching the waves roll ashore. The rhythm of the waves and the vast sea stimulates the mind to roam freer than usual, leaving you refreshed and stimulated afterwards.

Fresh ideas

Acem Meditation stimulates the mind to wander freely, but even stronger than the campfire and the waves. The repetition of a meditation sound lets the mind wander. Fresh ideas and new perspectives get within reach. New ways of approaching everyday tasks and challenges come with the free flow of thoughts.

Tool for daily life

To be more creative is beneficial in many areas of life. It is not only down to talent. It is also a matter of giving room in your life for the spontaneous and unexpected. Acem Meditation is a tool for those who want to have a more creative daily life.

New perspective