Introductory Talk

An introductory talk provides information about the basic principles and the most common effects of Acem Meditation.

The introductory talk is free of charge.

The talk will be given by an experienced instructor, who will also answer your questions. You will have the opportunity to register for a beginner's course.

The introductory talk will usually be followed by a beginner's course, often starting on the same day, immediately after the introductory talk.


Upcoming Introductory Talk

NTNU, Gløshaugen G138, 1.etg Gamle Elektro
19 January, 2016
NTNU, Dragvoll, Bygg 11, Rom D134, 4 etg,
18 February, 2016
NTNU, Gløshaugen,Trondheim. Rom G012, Gamle Elektro
12 April, 2016