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Follow-up activities

To meet and discuss with fellow meditators improves your understanding

Follow-up activities

After the beginner’s course, you can choose between a variety of follow-up activities. All of them combine meditation with discussions aimed at enhancing your practice and integrating meditation in your everyday life.

Meditating together is often a pleasant experience. Talking about your meditation makes it easier to discover new possibilities. Listening to others provides important input and inspiration.

Meditation meetings

Group meditations followed by guidance stimulate your motivation for daily meditation and improve your command of the basic principles.

Long Meditations are drop-in sessions with 90 min group meditation followed by discussion and guidance.

Follow-up Courses

The follow-up courses M1 and M2 make meditation theory come alive, improving the quality of your practice, and boosting both the short-term and long-term results. You may participate in a full course or go to individual meetings.

Refresher meetings can help you get back to the routine after a break.


Weekend retreats help you overcome obstacles to successful meditation, leading to deeper relaxation and initiating fascinating processes of personality development.

Summer retreats usually take place in beautiful natural surroundings at Acem’s retreat centres in Scandinavia. Deep layers of mental stress and muscular tension give way to a calmer and more receptive frame of mind.

Deepening retreats are for Acem meditators who already have some experience with weeklong retreats and who want to practise meditations of more than six hours daily.

You may also make an appointment to discuss your meditation practice with a qualified guide.

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Upcoming Activities

28 Nov
Espacio Ronda, Madrid
29 Nov
Halvorsbøle Int. Retreat Centre, Oslo
29 Nov
Acem Kurszentrum, Berlin
30 Nov
Markens gate 37, Kristiansand
2 Dec
Sporveisgaten 37, Oslo
4 Dec
Mjuklia Ungdomssenter, Berkåk
5 Dec
Manhattan, New York City.
6 Dec
7 Dec
Odensgatan, Uppsala
8 Dec
Marken 17, Bergen
9 Dec
Eglise française réformée, Bern
9 Dec
Drottninggatan, Stockholm
10 Dec
Sporveisgaten 37, Oslo
10 Dec
Kochsvej 26, Frederiksberg
11 Dec
11 Dec
Boundary Street, Shoreditch, London
11 Dec
Kulturzentrum KUNO e. V.
12 Dec
TREFFPUNKT Rotebühlplatz Stuttgart
12 Dec
Casa Acem, Barcelona
13 Dec
Forskningsparken, Tromsø
14 Dec
19 Dec
Boundary Street, Shoreditch, London
20 Dec