Practical information for Acem Meditation World Retreat 2016

Welcome to attend the Acem Meditation World Retreat 2016! Please read the information below thoroughly.

Boí Taüll Resort

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This retreat has the course number V16515.

Registration and payment
Register and pay for the retreat by using your own credit card or PayPal account. Although the online payment system is operated by PayPal, you are free to pay with your own credit card and do not have to register for a PayPal account unless you wish to do so. If you have problems with the online payment system, please contact Acem.
Registration and payment page (go here to register and pay for the retreat)
Personal information form (fill in as soon as you have registered)
Transportation form (fill in if you want to book transportation from Barcelona to Boí Taüll Resort and back)
Extra nights page (go here if you want to book extra nights at Boí Taüll Resort after the retreat)

Course language
● The official course language is English.
● All evening seminars and some workshops will be simultaneously translated into Spanish, German and Mandarin Chinese.
● Guidance groups, basic yoga classes and Acem Meditation beginner's courses will be available in English, Spanish, German, Scandinavian and Mandarin Chinese.

Course fees
● The course fee includes full board and ensuite accommodation in a single room.
● The early-bird course fee is only available before 15 May 2016.
● Student discount is only available to full-time students. Student ID must be shown upon arrival. If the retreat is fully booked, student discount may entail accommodation in a double room.
● If a registration is cancelled before 1 July 2016, the course fee will be refunded minus an administration fee of EUR 60. If a reservation is cancelled after 1 July 2016, the course fee is not refundable. As a protection against unforeseen circumstances, you are strongly advised to obtain suitable travel insurance.

Arrival and departure
Shared transport from Barcelona costs €60 both ways and €35 one way and must be booked and paid in advance. Shared transport will be arranged:
● from Barcelona El Prat Airport (not Barcelona Girona Airport) to Boí Taüll Resort.
The bus will leave from Terminal 1 on Sat 16 July at 2pm (estimated arrival time 6pm). Free shuttle buses from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 leave every 4 minutes and take approximately 15 minutes. If your flight is delayed, the bus may have to leave without you. Later transportation may also be arranged, but at a higher cost, and arriving after the retreat programme has commenced. A taxi from the airport to the retreat centre costs approximately EUR 400.
● from Barcelona City, Ronda de la Universitat to Boí Taüll Resort.
The bus will leave from outside Ronda de la Universitat 5 (close to Universitat metro station, follow signs to Rda Universitat) on Sat 16 July at 1pm (estimated arrival time 5-6pm).
● from Boí Taüll Resort back to El Prat Airport and Barcelona City on Sat 23 July at 1:30pm and 2pm (estimated arrival time at the airport 5:30pm and 6pm).
● Both ways there are also regular bus connections between Barcelona (Palau Reial or El Prat Airport) and Pont de Suert (ca. €32 one way per person; see, and taxi connections between Pont de Suert and Boí Taüll Resort (ca. €40 one way for two persons).

What to bring
● Indoor clothes and shoes/slippers
● Shoes and clothes for outdoor walks. The climate may vary from cool to hot, and from sunny to rainy.
● Comfortable clothes for the basic yoga instruction arranged during the retreat
● A swimsuit for the swimming pools or a chill in the river nearby
● If you would like to do sports, bring your own equipment, including tennis rackets and balls
● The book Practical Guide to Acem Retreats (also available in Spanish, German and Norwegian), which provides useful information for the practice of long meditations at retreats
● The book Meditative Yoga (also available in Spanish, Norwegian and Chinese), which will be useful both for experienced and less experienced yoga practitioners (during the retreat, daily practice of yoga is recommended)
● Both books are available online, or can be bought at the retreat centre
● The beginner's course includes the book Acem Meditation: An Introductory Companion (also available in Spanish, German, Chinese and a preliminary Norwegian version)
● Abstaining from coffee 2-3 days before the retreat may make the transition to the rhythm of the retreat easier.

First day of the retreat
● Check-in at the retreat centre starts at 2pm.
● Dinner is served at 7pm.
● Guidance and opening ceremony start at 8pm.

The retreat centre
● During the retreat, Boí Taüll Resort is a non-smoking area and an alcohol-free retreat centre.
● All meals are lacto-vegetarian. Participants with lactose intolerance or coeliac disease can make a note of this on the form for personal information. We regret that we are unable to accommodate other dietary needs.
● Most rooms have hair-dryers.
● Free wi-fi will be available.
● Address: Boí Taüll Resort, Calle Ed Aigüestortes, S/N, 25528 Plá de L'Ermita, Lleida, Spain.

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