Beyond Mindfulness

Several practitioners of mindfulness has subsequently learned Acem Meditation and expressed that it made ​​it easier for them to achieve relaxation and contemplation. They also say that Acem Meditation is easier to perform, because the technique is more specific.

Mindfulness is a process where you develop a non-judgmental awareness of your inner thoughts and feelings. Thus, mindfulness has common features with Acem Meditation. But in Acem Meditation you also repeat a meditation sound giving spontaneous relaxation. It gives better opportunity to correct your performance as non-judgmental awareness is maintained or restored.

People who have tried other forms of meditation often say that they prefer Acem Meditation because it does not involve religion or mysticism, but instead focuses on helping the meditator to understand the technique based on his/her own experiences.

Acems guidance groups, continuation courses, study circles and long meditations have also been highlighted as important to those who have switched to Acem Meditation.

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