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Acem Asia

Acem School of Meditation gives courses in a number of locations in Asia.

Acem centres

Acem has its head office in Oslo, and a range of branch offices around the world.

Who collaborates with Acem?

Institutions collaborating with Acem


Why choose Acem meditation?

Acem meditation on You Tube

Videos on Acem meditation and interviews with meditators.

Media coverage on Acem

Media coverage on Acem

Acem Meditation Retreats

Acem retreats give you a respite from the stresses of everyday life. You get more energy to cope with challenges at home and at work. And you begin a process of change that may help you make fuller use of your potential.


Acem Meditation helps you relax, unravel the knots you may be tied in and increase your energy. Meditators have long claimed positive health effects. Now scientific studies validate and explain these benefits.


 People from all over the world, in all walks of life, are coping better with their lives through the simple method of Acem Meditation. What do they say?


Answers to the most common questions.

Acem Meditation on YouTube

Acem Meditation on YouTube.

Scientific articles
Scientific articles

This page contains links to a number of scientific articles on the effects of Acem Meditation. For popular articles on meditation research, please visit Acem's meditation blog.

Scientific research

The anti-stress effects of Acem Meditation are confirmed by scientific research. Blood pressure and heart rate are reduced, the immune system is strengthened, performance under pressure is enhanced, and brain waves show deep relaxation.

Acem Meditation Centres

An overview of Acem's Meditation Centre

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