Actualization in Acem Meditation – Blessing or Curse?

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The seminar is about actualization - a key phenomenon in Acem meditation. Actualization in meditation can act as a kind of psychological shortcut to insight. The meditator may gain a new pespective for understanding personality traits and typical reaction patterns.

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(full time students: €3.00)
Monday 17 March 2014
19:00 - 20:00


Acem meditation psychology try to utilize the challenges involved in meditative actualization. Easy to avoid, but can we make it a gain?
The seminar highlights many factual and theoretical examples of actualization. To make the phenomenon more accessible, the seminar also speculates about how processes of actualization may have turned out for some celebrities we all ‘know’:  business entrepreneur (Steve Jobs), a politician (Nicolas Sarkozy) and some literary figures (e g Ihab in Moby Dick and the main protagonist in Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time).
Actualization can represent a demanding challenge - but with a heaven. It provides an opportunity to make one’s life more integrated and to realize one’s resources in a better way.
The personal rewards may be substantial if the insight gained through actualization may help one choose differently in everyday life where pain is really uncomfortable, and defeats truly defeat.
Few people have the gift of the author. But everyone has a story to tell, fragments to integrate, life events to understand more fully. Actualization of meditation can bring one closer to that story


The course is arranged by Acem UK School of Meditation

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The seminar starts at 7pm. 30 min group meditation from 6.15pm for those who are interested.


Ole Gjems-Onstad

Head of Acem International, Dr Juris, Professor of Fiscal Law, Norwegian School of Management