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Ken Lunn

Ken Lunn

Acem contact person in Leeds. Ken Lunn works as a senior manager in IT in the NHS. He has a PH.D. in computer science.

Ken: "I first learnt to meditate, Trancendental Meditation (TM) in 1995. Over the years I have meditated nearly every day, usually twice, and varied my technique. However, I have always found the use of a meditation sound the most effective, as taught by Acem.

I attended an Acem course last November, partly out of interest, but also to refresh my practice. I enjoyed the course very much, and in March I went to the weekend retreat in Bournemouth. Spending time thinking and talking with other meditators was very refreshing and helpful. One feature of Acem that I like is its non-religious basis. Acem is open to an inquisitive meditator, and the framework is very accepting.

There is growing research into the use and effects of meditation, including Acem, that show benefits in terms of relaxation and stress management. The important thing though is the personal experience. I have always found meditation helpful, and if I have to miss it for a day then I am even more eager to find a quiet spot to let my mind settle.

I am looking forward to try to organise a course on Acem and hopefully set up a regular meditation group, in or around Leeds. If anyone reading this is intereseted, either to learn to meditate or to learn a new technique, please feel free to email me on"


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