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Course type: Long Meditations

Drop-in sessions of more than one hour of group meditation followed by discussions and sometimes a talk on a meditation related topic.


Course facts

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Thursday 06 March 2014
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Kochsvej 26, Frederiksberg

This is a good opportunity to relax, enhance your meditation skills and meet with other meditators. The meditation is always followed by a discussion of the experience with someone qualified to give guidance. This stimulates reflection on the meditation practice and the application of its principles, which helps you to access more of your potential for personal growth. The beneficial effects of meditation on the personality, body and health increase during longer meditations, providing these are practiced without strained effort or concentration.


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The course is arranged by Acem Danmark

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Der er mulighed for yoga før denne langmeditation. Indlæg ved Merete: AT TÆNKE - HURTIGT OG LANGSOMT - er en bog om, hvordan vi foretager vurderinger og træffer beslutninger. Hvordan passer Daniel Kahnemans forståelse med erfaringer fra Acem meditation?


Eva Brandt

Født 1965. Civilingeniør, professor ved Danmarks Designskole. Begyndte at meditere i 1987, har undervist i Acem-meditation siden 1990.

Merete Hetland

Født 1961. Overlæge i gigtsygdomme. Begyndte at meditere i 1980, har undervist i Acem-meditation siden 1983. Medlem af Acem Internationals faglige ledelse siden 2003.